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Why Shopify Inventory Management For Your Growing Business

Shopify an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems also known as Shopify POS. Shopify Inventory Management provides services “including payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools to simplify the process of running an online store for small merchants.

It makes most of the market leadership as it provides an efficient and effective inventory control for your business which is a well streamlined for the merchants. It provides merchants with exact valuation of the store.

POS is designed to give you the precise information on all characteristics of inventory as it is a powerful control system. It provides the most updated features in its POS that makes it so reliable for merchants to use it for their stores.

For More information on our management system, please go through its features listed below:

Reliable easy, faster and creative barcode scanning:

POS Kit integrated with Shopify, which will provide faster, simpler and efficient checkout methods. Contouring your checkout, creating unforgettable client experiences and consistent deals and sales either its in-stores or online. Inventory management for shopify enables you to outline, style and print your own barcode label. At the Front till you can take advantage with fast and efficient scan and transactions process.

  • The Barcode Implementation:

The barcode implementation can be reliable in such a way that it can track your inventory which will fundamentally enhance the accuracy of tracking of inventory and which also for all intents and purposes will eliminate any risk and possibility of a customer check out with the wrong item by the time at clerk invoicing. So take advantage of our barcode inventory scanning as it is creative and reliable which makes the store running unpretentiously simple.

Shopify – Powerful Inventory Management in Shopify:

Keeping with the pace of today’s competitive business world, for making most of the market leadership, inventory management should be aimed beyond than just the survival of the marketplace. So you need all the assistance you can acquire. Whereas you might know the essential methods and operations of your business better than we could ever plan to know, but nobody is better prepared a solution that is made to your matchless business methods and operations that is cost effective better than we tend to do.

  • Inventory Management Control:

Exact inventory management control is the fundamental part of the tasks of an effective, efficient business that is also well organized and businesses that are successful entails convenient and precise information on your receipts of products and goods, the shipment of products within or between other whereabouts, the sale, exclusion and other disposal or arrangement of goods. And the status of products remaining in inventory and the exact valuation at the point right down to the store receptacle status, size, style, color, serial number, lot number and best before or expiration dates remaining in the stock. If you run out of stock it means that you’ll lose sales and similarly, if you have to much stock in store than lack of cash flow will surely hurt you.

To make sure that the software tools are available to operate, control and oversee inventory in the most cost-effective manner possible, designed to give you the precise information on all characteristics of inventory as it is a powerful inventory control system.

So integrate best shopify inventory management, as it is convenient and intuitive for your online store.

Powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

By using our POS Customer Relationship Management software it will help you retail businesses enter, analyze and track customer data. For storing measuring and managing customer interactions it is all provided in our CRM systems.

Our SooPOS CRM is technically developed to help the organizations to generate a sale and retain relationships with the customers which also allows you to analyze their information and moreover measures business performances that will determine where the strength and weakness lie in the customer’s interest. So with POS create your customer database, increase their happiness and retention, grow repeat business and increase the shopper spend with custom loyalty programs with shopify pos setup. Customer relationship management and loyalty software which may also give customers free merchandises, rewards, and coupons so your best customers keep coming back.

For easy lookup you can keep your data organized and create profiles for your customers in Shopify Inventory Management solution. So with Customer Relationship Management software you can manage and capture relevant customer data to boost your business with customized touches in every transaction and by tracking every customer in-store or online.

Join the shopify pos system:

Shopify is a web application which is the most popular e-commerce platforms. With the SooPOS desktop application, it allows you to create your own store from which you can easily manage Shopify products and orders. One of the key aspects behind Shopify is that users without much of the technical and design skills won’t need any help from the web developers or design agency to create a store and you still can enjoy a lot of flexibility in selling your products with Shopify POS.

Because Shopify is a hosting solution, all you need is the web browser and the internet to manage your store from anywhere so you don’t need to worry about buying web hosting or installing software anywhere because our idea is that (almost) everything you need to build and run your store will happen ‘out of the box’.

Since the launch of Shopify, it has grown quickly and has one of the (if not the) leading e-commerce solutions. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting a new online shop, Shopify is powering more than 500,000 online retailers and has helped businesses to create $40billion worth of sales as of 2017.

With our POS you can save time so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. So with shopify pos inventory management enhance your Shopify web-shop content as it is definitely one of the easiest e-commerce builders to help you create your online shop.

Integrated Payment Solutions with Shopify Pos Kit:

In Shopify Inventory Management system pick out the best way to accept payments, including credit, debit, EMV, and gift cards. It is a seamlessly integrated solution with which you can process transactions securely and quickly.

  • Fast and Secure Payment with Shopify Pos System:

For fully integrated, fast and secure payment processing SooPOS is affiliated with multiple payment services providers of debit and credit card processing for merchants. Shopify POS lets you choose your own merchant service provider from multiple payment services providers that are integrated with SooPOS, or merchants can set up a custom payment type to accept any form of non-integrated payment of their choice and work with your preferred merchant service provider with POS.

So you can set up and configure different payment methods to manage how your customers can pay for your products. We would like you to contact us first if you have any payment processor or gateway that you would like to integrate with.

Shopify Pos Inventory Management provides Convenient Multi-Store Operations:

SooPOS allows you to track, maintain and view stock levels across multiple same channels in real time with its powerful inventory management software that provides seamless syncing of stock.

For efficient customer care, you can quickly lookup inventory between stores so you can transfer inventory between stores or in-store locations. Improve customer satisfaction and retention rates by tracking and processing the returns at any location regardless of whether they were purchased or not.

Store credits, points, and gift cards even if a customer wants to redeem a Gift card they purchased from one of our other locations. With SooPOS Redemption and updates can be processed at any location for convenient customer care and with automatic updates for extra fraud protection between stores.

Track to check which inventory sells best and who is your top performing employee at each location is and which type of customers each location attracts. It takes time to invest in a real estate but with SooPOS adding a new location is really quick. From the sales floor or the sidewalk to foldaway shops and trade shows, SooPOS makes it easy to set up a temporary storefront. So, Track and analyze your multiple-store data as SooPOS will help you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Shopify Pos Inventory Comprehensive Reporting:

With SooPOS comprehensive reporting make well-informed decisions for your business because effective decision making is and always will be a crucial element of your operation’s overall success. It is important for you to understand how vital it is to analyze your business’s data in a timely manner, either you run a retail business or any other type of business.

With SooPOS make more informed business decisions as it allows you to enhance your ability to collect data from your store. For instance, you can collect business data just to determine which products in your store are in high demand, so that you don’t run out of it and keep them in stock, and also you can special promotions for the product or you can move them to a more strategic location in your store.

  • Shopify POS system reports

You can make crucial decisions on personnel, inventory, marketing, and general operations with our Shopify POS system reports. You can make favorite reports with which you can search report by typing report name, or be creating a quick launch. Shopify POS also provides Query builder from which you can build reports and filter out unnecessary data. Make Custom reports from us at a reasonable price so you can access your database directly to check your own build reports. You can Export and Email the reports (with permission) with different formats like PDF, XLS, and others, and you can also print or Email report as an attachment. So with Shopify have a better control of your business through our reporting features in Shopify Inventory Management software, as it offers over 500 comprehensive reports covering each aspect of your retail business.

Shopify POS System: Made for all sort of Businesses:

Shopify POS is built for all types of businesses in retail industries but we understand that not all businesses in the retail industry are created equal. To make the process of running a business more smooth, less daunting and more enjoyable, that’s why it has designed the retail system to include the features that solve the challenges many business Shopify POS systems don’t address. Our POS system streamlines every aspect of your backend operations of small businesses, whether you sell clothing-and-apparel, sporting goods, lawn-and-garden supplies or jewelry, we have got all covered with retail system.

  • Effective and Efficient Shopify POS system:

So take advantage and get started with Shopify inventory management system and enjoy your business with a fast and easy retail, powerful POS inventory Management along with other effective and efficient services of Shopify’s POS system which enables you to unify your online and offline systems.

Shopify Inventory Management Features Highlights:

  • Selling prices can be calculated using marginal, markup or promotional pricing
  • You can maintain detailed sales and purchase histories
  • Handles multiple alternate vendors for each item
  • Separate vendor and manufacturer product number
  • Manage inventory by unlimited number of departments (classes, groups), Sub departments, and Sub Sub departments
  • Stock can be maintained in unit or fractional quantities
  • Track multiple sizes and colors and dimensions with variation attributes
  • Managed in Store, Matrix by Size, Color, Width, Inseam, Length (variable products)
  • Matrix-based Sizing
  • Full support for multi-dimensional category tracking
  • Import product data from supplier provided files
  • Import manufacturer UPC codes
  • Barcode tags and shelf tags designing and printing
  • Barcode-based pricing labels
  • User-defined fields (attributes) and group (attribute set and tab)
  • Define items as inventory or service
  • Display item images, image per product, style or color
  • Assortment UPC-EAN, Alternate Code Lookups
  • Portable handheld device support (pocket PC or Android) for physical inventory, sales, receiving, transfers
  • Physical inventory count (complete, selective or spot)
  • Variance reports and adjustments
  • Inventory bundle kits (selling kits and manufacturing kits)
  • Copy items (template) to create a new item
  • Advanced special price or pricing rules such as “buy one get one free”
  • Automatic discount rules and minimum sale rules conditioning by customer and clerk
  • Sold items linked (tag SKU)
  • Tracking average cost
  • Inventory transfers between stores
  • Inter store sub locations transfer
  • Transfer in/out reports
  • Transfer history
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