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Shopify POS: It’s Impact in your Business

Did you know that Shopify is a really big market? Yes, you hear it right! It has a number of over 46 million small and medium businesses worldwide and reportedly has an average revenue of $1,243 per-merchant in 2016 alone.

Shopify is really a great place for entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses and there is one thing that makes the market stay on top – Shopify POS. Here, I’ll walk you through what is Shopify POS used for and how it can make a big buck in the bang of your business.

What is Shopify POS

Can be used for:

  • Online store
  • Offline/physical store

Whether you want to make sales in person or give a big focus on your online sales, Shopify POS (Point-of-Sale) is an app that can help run your online and offline shops. This application allows business owners to sell products in-store, pop-ups or any markets without hassle.

Can be used with:

  • Android
  • IOS

Shopify POS makes order and payment processing possible using Android (Samsung, LG, Sony etc.) or IOS (Apple) devices. With the app, you can easily search customer’s favorite products, send emails, accept payments and process orders. The application can also help in doing multi-channel selling, advanced checkout and 24/7 support. That gives you a peace of mind even if you’re on a vacation.

How Shopify POS affects Shoppers

The Shopify’s new POS feature allows businesses to convince showroomers to make an online purchase in order to reduce showrooming, most retailers always have to deal with. Cutting back such a negative trend can pretty much increase your online sales.

Since businesses can offer offline shoppers an online purchase option, it can help them experience the convenience, speed and comfort of online shopping. Merchants using the app can build an online cart while a customer is shopping in a physical store.

They can then mail the customers so they can decide whether the next purchase will be through online or not. This can help lazy in-store shoppers consider online shopping without having to change store.

Sending offers and emails to your customers can re-engage them with targeted promotions leading them to buy more from your brand. The Buy Online feature of Shopify POS makes offline shopper and online business connected to create long-term customers while welcoming more sales.

Final Words

POS is essential for standout retail experiences where you can accept any mode of payment, sell anywhere and grow your business in just one tap. Shopify POS can truly make a difference in your brand. It turns showrooming into sales, improves retail analytics and can create a high-impact in your store growth.

To make the most out of your Shopify POS, we highly recommend using SooPOS. SooPOS is a multi-purpose retail software for Shopify platform that can improve the efficiency of your business, automate even the hardest jobs and can help run your retail business at its best. In addition to the basic functions of Shopify POS, SooPOS runs on Windows Desktop, you can use much more advanced features by SooPOS-Shopify integration, which will take your business management to next level.

Liked how the amazing Shopify POS affects your business? Make your products work with SooPOS and see how you can get incredible results!

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