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Shopify POS: Best Point of Sale System & Retail POS for Small Business

Shopify POS, which will provide faster, simpler and efficient checkout methods. Contouring your checkout, creating unforgettable client experiences and consistent deals and sales either its in-stores or online. Shopify Inventory Management enables you to outline, style and print your own barcode label. At the Front till you can take advantage with fast and efficient scan and transactions process.

The barcode implementation can be reliable in such a way that it can track your inventory which will fundamentally enhance the accuracy of tracking of inventory and which also for all intents and purposes will eliminate any risk and possibility of a customer check out with the wrong item by the time at clerk invoicing. So take advantage of Shopify POS barcode inventory scanning as it is creative and reliable which makes the store running unpretentiously simple.

Lay It Away by Shopify POS:

Lay it Away or Layaway is a purchasing method in which a consumer places a deposit on an item to layaway for later pick-up when they come back and pay the balance. Layaway (Lay-by) is an understanding in which the seller holds an item for a customer until the point that the customer completes the payment of the installments important to pay for that item. As it happens in the installments plan that you take the item home and pay the debt accordingly on the monthly bases or other way it is scheduled, the layaway client does not get to take the item home until the point when it is totally paid for. Stock levels are lessened when a thing is on layaway and consequently recharged if the layaway is dropped. So the Shopify POS system offers you to lay it away.

Special Order through Shopify POS:

For retailers, customer loyalty and their retaining is an important matter – and making a customer’s unique request possible goes far to giving quality customer services. Despite the business, having the capacity to fulfill a customer’s demand at the point of sale is basic. Utilizing the inserted Special Order arrangement at the Point of Sale (shopify pos inventory), store faculty can alter a request and request the item from anyplace in the distribution chain. Ordering, shipping, receiving, and payment are altogether taken care of through SooPOS.

At the point when a customer asks for a unique order, store workers or staffs can without much of a stretch select the item parameters and decide whether the requested item is in the store or on the off chance that it is accessible some place along the distribution chain. They can even request specifically from the producer/manufacturer and have the product delivered to the store. And this can happen comfortable from the shopify pos setup.

Make Quotation with Shopify POS

A business quote enables a potential purchaser to perceive what expenses would be included for the work they might want to have done. This quotation will be made by the organization utilizing the data that the potential customer gives, in regards to the relevant components that may influence the cost. A statement can help the potential purchaser when choosing which organization to utilize, and which services they are searching for. In shopify pos kit, quotes are helpful for putting a sale on hold for a later date, sending an estimate before a sale, and keeping a record for you and the customer.

Work Order

The Shopify POS deals with the complexities of work orders (services orders) by utilizing SooPOS to effectively dealing with the whole service life cycle process.

  • Services could cover Assurance, fixes and any services requiring product sales and support for maintenance
  • Track status of every product, as requested, shipment, picked up
  • You can adjust the work arrange whenever, the recorded changes can be recovered and printed
  • You can get halfway payment when fractional work is finished
  • Customer can Convert to receipt in partially or completely

Consignment with Shopify POS

Consignment allows the consignee (you, the seller) to offer products in the interest of consignor (the individual who owns the product). This shopify pos inventory management software empowers you to exchange these products while following how much cash ought to be paid to the consignor. The consignee pays the consignor a bit of the returns from the sale. Payment isn’t made until and except if the product sells. Products normally sold on consignment incorporate antiques, clothing, artwork, tools, toys, musical instruments and hand-made items.

Rental and Reservation

SooPOS supports product rentals for anything from tools and hardware to furniture and gadgets. The client database tracks the rental alongside other relevant data. The rental module additionally supports booking and reservation. With our rental solutions through Shopify POS, you can get customers in and out rapidly, control stock and booking, in a split second observe upselling openings, lease and sell on a similar receipt, and procure more benefits via automating your business forms from point of sale to back-end accounting.

Shopify POS Gift Vouchers facility

With SooPOS it enables you to issue, reclaim, track gift voucher adjusts all inside the program. No additional items, add-ons or special equipment is required or month to month expenses required. Electronic gift vouchers have demonstrated to expand reclamation rates over paper gifts certification and increment in repeat visits. Customers who utilize gift vouchers will in general spend more than the allotted value and gift vouchers give wallet publicizing. Gift vouchers can be reused and revived. You additionally issue gift certificates which can be utilized one time only.

Shopify POS Gift Receipt

A Gift receipt is issued by a retailer at the point of purchase, it does exclude price information for the acquisitions. The beneficiary of the gift can utilize the receipt to return or exchange the product if the customers wants to. A bar code (optional) is imprinted on the base of the receipt for brisk return or exchange.

Shopify POS Gift Registry

Through Shopify POS customers can compile a list of products they wish to get and after that they can distribute it to family and friends, for special events, for example, a wedding, graduation or new child. The registry can be printed out so customers can carry a duplicate copy around the store with them and item amounts are consequently refreshed as purchases are made by the customer. SooPOS proficiently maintained and managed registry can keep gift providers from giving duplicating gifts to the customers.

Quick Launch Button

Shopify POS Quick launch button (User Defined Soft Key) let you rapidly add mostly sold products to a sale, or view your most loved reports. You can make Quick Launch button to mechanize a wide range of functions in SooPOS. You can gather buttons with various tabs, each button can have its very own size, color of the background and picture, custom content or activities.

Flexible Pricing

With SooPOS, you can essentially setup unique price for a date range, or setup advanced pricing rules dependent on conditions, customers gathering (eg: whole sale, VIP), items gathering, workers. Through Shopify POS least price rules can guarantee you never sell products below expense and setup greatest discount rate by employee job position.

Loyalty Points

With Shopify POS, customers can win customary loyalty points which focuses on each qualifying purchase. Customers can see their loyalty balance on receipts, and reclaim it as credit against future purchases. Staff can see a customer’s loyalty balance at POS screen and exchange history transactions in reporting area. Applying acknowledge credit during checkout is as simple as clicking a payment type. Loyalty point’s balances are then right away refreshed. You can setup a Frequent Buyer Program with the end goal to have sales, for example, “purchase ten of a specific items and get the eleventh free”. Each time a client buys an item, at the very point the item will give the customer a point. At the time when the customer gathers 10 points, then at that period whenever they buy the next product, it will consequently be sold for free.

Store Credit

Store credit or credit note is a commercial record issued by a vender to a purchaser. At the point when a customer returns a product, rather than giving them cash back you can rather give store credit to the customer, which can be utilized within the store whenever the customer wants. In future exchanges, Shopify POS allows store credit to be utilized similarly as some other payment type from the complete transaction screen.

Accounts Receivable (AR)

SooPOS empowers you to know who owes you the money, how much and when it’s expected to be due. Regardless of whether you have open, rotating or installment accounts, SooPOS gives you with the data you have to use to make sound decisions with regards to setting in-house credit limits, printing receipts  and month to month statements, observing payment activity, gathering past due records and charging interest. So you are all the way up-to-dated with Shopify POS.

Other Great Features:

  • General ledger integration with Simply Accounting(Sage 50), QuickBooks, PeachTree
  • Capture signature using Topaz signature pad
  • Sales return using barcode scanning
  • Multi tender types including foreign currencies
  • Price lookup by SKU, Vendor, Group, Products, Styles, Size, Colors and other Attributes
  • Promotion gift cards, gift certificate and coupons
  • Mix and Match, Quantity discounts
  • Pickup and Delivery tax rates
  • Paid in and Paid out
  • Cash drawer reconcilliation
  • Suspend (park) and resume unlimited number of transactions
  • Sales rep commission/Spiff
  • Advanced tax rules, tax exempt and tax by store or shipping address
  • Pole display
  • Customer display support including advertising between sales
  • Serialized inventory tracking (Serial Number)
  • Customizable touch screen
  • Print packing slip
  • Multiple printers support
  • Different printed policy depending on transaction type (sale, layaway, return etc.)
  • Assortment UPC(s)
  • Start a transaction at one register and finish at the other
  • Maintain / Change existing layaways
  • Partial payments for special orders, void and convert to store credits
  • Support for weighing scale
  • Email receipt to customers
  • Age Verification for liquor store and tobacco or vapor store
  • Line item clerk sales tracking
  • Split payments
  • Price and inventory stock lookup
  • Security levels, clerk permission control, supervisor override
  • Packages for Case Lot Tracking and Splitting
  • Physical Inventory Collection System for Inventory and Sales, Purchase Order and Transfer Order generation


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