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Email Marketing: 5 Common Pitfalls that Shouldn’t be Ignored

Billions of people in the world use email. Yes, email is popular. It is everywhere. When it comes to sending billions of emails daily, business email is on the top list.

Email marketing can be the most effective way to quickly reach people around the world. It is a powerful way to connect with them and it really can’t be beaten. This technique is an effective advertising tool you can use for your business across the globe.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But oftentimes, it’s not what always happened. Sending too frequent, irrelevant and unwanted emails aren’t anymore good.

The Drawbacks and How to Avoid Them

1.   Spam

Spam emails irritate customers. They don’t like receiving or reading it. When you send spam emails, they will appear unnoticed to your recipients or they will unsubscribe for your emails badly. Make sure that your email marketing meets the rules for privacy and data protection so you get your messages directly to your consumer’s inbox.

2.   Undelivered

Unlike text messages, not all emails are delivered. Before the email contents reach the recipient, they are filtered by internet service providers and email software. Avoid using spam keywords and always keep your marketing lists up to date to stay in the go.

3.   Boring

Anyone who likes boring email? No one even tends to take a look! If you aren’t making your email interesting enough, people will ignore it. They aren’t reading it. It is not easy to form an impression but devising a hook which cannot be disregarded takes an extra care. Begin with a carefully crafted subject headline then work with an attention-grabbing body of the mail to catch your reader’s mind off-guard.

4.   Lack of Communication Preferences

The way you deliver your contents might lose out potential subscribers. Language is a barrier. But this should not stop you from reaching more different people. Avoid this by offering diversify communication preferences. Make your contents global. You can do this by offering multi-language translation services or give them an option to choose the language of their choice.

5.   Format Issues

Since there are different recipients, they might also use different tools to view your message. This is the reason why not all of them can view images and other multimedia you use to include in your mails. Test your email campaign on multiple platforms. Also, consider cross-platform testing so your viewers won’t miss a thing.

Creating an email with Shopify POS is also effective for all your marketing campaigns as it can help with customer tracking in different email formats such as PDF, HTML, RTF, CSS and many others.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing is a great advertising tool your business should never take for granted. It provides a profitable return on investment. Studies showed that there are more consumers had made purchases when they receive direct emails rather than being engaged in social media sites. This is truly worth trying.

If you want to get the greatest sales in the history, email marketing is always here to stay!

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