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SooPOS: Your Partner in Excelling Digital Channels

While retail management is making a fabulous growth in the economy, technology and software certainly become very influential in associating digital age. Technology makes everything advanced and software is used for enhancing specific operations.

SooPOS came out to make POS systems in Shopify platforms run fast, easy and effective. By accompanying high-technology in every feature of the software, the Point of Sale will never be frustrating for different kinds of retail industries. Most importantly, the need for excelling online businesses on digital channels will be very easy.

Today, let’s talk about things how retail management can save more time and attend customers’ needs at its utmost best – in this digital age.

Traditional Retails Shops VS Online Shops

As most consumers prefer to search and buy products online, SooPOS can be a great tool for retail industries in this modern age for many reasons. It can make selling-and-buying possible by simply allowing customers pick up their Smartphone and search everything they want instead of visiting a physical shop.

Nevertheless, traditional retail shops still play a big part in some products that needs a detailed look and personal touch such as furniture. It is still important to upgrade these shops with technological advancements to easily figure out by global shoppers.

What SooPOS can do

  • Improved Barcode Scanning – It gives you the power to design and print your own barcode tags for fast and easy retail POS transactions. It can also help with barcode tracking to improve the accuracy of your inventory.
  • Quick Rental and Reservation – SooPOS is equipped with the customer database and rental modules in which you can track rentals along with relevant needed information and allows you to quickly book and make reservations.
  • Advanced and Flexible Pricing – Setting up special pricing based on different conditions and groups has been simplified with SooPOS. By implementing minimum price rules, you will never run out of earnings.
  • Locally-installed Cloud Database – SooPOS offers quick and easy database installation with minimal hardware requirements. This full-featured Windows POS is powerful in preventing internet disruptions for both online and offline use.
  • Multiple Payment Options – With the help of different card providers, SooPOS can accept any form of payment such as gift cards, debit, credit, and EMV. Sensitive information is highly protected with truly fast process.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Gathering and analyzing data have never been easy prior to the existence of POS systems. SooPOS can give more than 500 wide-ranging reports of different retail business aspects for better control of your brand.
  • Multiple Sales Channels Tracking – No matter where your stores are built, you can maintain, view and track them with SooPOS’ multi-store operation advancements.

Final Words

There are many other great features Shopify POS can offer to a number of Shopify stock managers and millions of retail business customers. Retailers must keep in mind the fact that shoppers these days are more digital.

Keeping businesses in the world’s top digital channels such as email, social media, and mobile marketing will make retail marketers excel in the middle of the competition and create a path to digital success.

People are the center of the retail enterprise. If your retailer understands that concept, you’re in good hands!

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