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Price Quotation: Tactics to grab your Customer’s Attention

Before customers make a purchase, they would typically request for a price quotation. Sales quotes are used not just to let a potential buyer know the price of the goods but also to help sellers develop new business relations.

How you set your prices can make a big impact on the products you sell. Making an attention-grabbing price quotation is essential to make great deals that your buyers can’t resist. Consider a few winning tactics.

Know Customer’s Wants

Price quotation is normally granted in less than an hour. But other companies may find it hard to create one as fast as that. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to finish. To minimize the time of creating the best quotes as possible, focus on your customer right beforehand.

Make sure you talk to the right person. Someone who is the decision-maker of the company so it won’t take a longer time to get their decision. It is also important to have a clear communication with out-of-target-market customers to turn them into a regular shopper.

Ensure Quote Accuracy

When customers are sharing everything they need in your store, you can come up with the right details of the quote. The information you gather from prospective buyers is significant for creating the right quantities, correct time frame, delivery and of course, pricing. Make sure to clarify all the information before proceeding.

You can determine the correct pricing by also considering the hidden costs. Hidden costs may include delivery fees, labor and packaging. When you produce accurate price quotation, you will get a good brand reflection.

Don’t Ignore What’s Matters Most

Appropriate Price

The price is the first and foremost factor you need to include in a price quote. This should be the exact charge for the product or service you offer. If you cannot give an exact or fixed pricing then issue an estimated amount instead.

Make the prices well-detailed and easy to understand. You can break down items together with its labor costs, VAT and any other applicable factors.

Contact Details

Giving your full contact details is something you should never forget to help your customers immediately ping you back. You can even provide location maps to assist customer’s needs at its best like e-commerce businesses do such as Shopify. You may also include term of payments and other rules you want to set.

You or your business name, address and active telephone number are the primary essentials to include in the list.

Validity Date

Product prices are constantly changing. We all have no control over it. If you don’t put expiration dates, your potential customer will keep on coming back with a quote that costs more later on. Placing validity dates is the standard practice of every business. If you think one month is enough then do it.

Unless you state that prices may be subject to change without further notice, you should keep validity dates going.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are a proud brick-and-mortar store owner or you have an e-commerce website running already, an advanced Shopify POS software can help you make an impressive sales quote.

It is not easy to keep your customer’s records and send them updates. By having a useful tool around,   you can turn a potential buyer into a lifetime shopper!

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